WebloggerMode apparent bug

I create entries on my blog through “WebloggerMode”, a package for Emacs. Yesterday, when I tried to post my previous entry, I noticed that weblogger was setting the date of my entry to “31 Dez 1999 21:00:00 -0300”. That was really… unpleasant. I don’t want to need to open wordpress.com to make things work. And, besides not having categories, only keywords, WebloggerMode was working just fine to me.

Well, the first thing I done was to send an email to WebloggerMode discussion list. The developer of the mode himself asked me if I tried to track down the bug (I was in a hurry when I detected it, so I didn’t read the code profoundly) and the URL for my blog. I promised to try to track down it.

Today, I started to think about potential solutions. I gave one more look to the code, and didn’t see anything really wrong. Nothing on xml-rpc.el either (which is a dependency for weblogger).

So I remembered that there are some extensions that should be loaded with the “require” function, while other only work with “load-file”. I checked the wiki and… load-file. I checked my .emacs and… require. I corrected it and it worked as usual.

Well, just myself being dumb again. Who would say?


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